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Latest in logging winches single or double drums, hydraulic release of wire rope (privete or professional use) built in dead man switch from 4.5 t to 10.5 ton. With longer wire rope and latest in radio remote control
Circular Saw
The ‘My Mate Circular Saw’ is exceptionally suited for the individual operator. Land management is a breeze as it can handle clearing branches and creating smaller trunks which can then be used for firewood.
This incredible machine is extraordinarily productive, safe and reasonably priced.
Sawmillers can now take advantage of their off-cuts using the ‘My Mate Circular Saw’ meaning no wastage.
White Pointer Cone Splitter capable of splitting big diameter logs

We have found a new manufacturer in Europe that can manufacture and supply a new cone log splitter which is capable of splitting big diameter logs, tree stumps and fence post with ease at any lengths.

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